A6 Cut level - Medium weight antimicrobial cut resistant food glove

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The 407B medium weight ANSI Level A6 cut resistant food handling glove is the optimal balance between high cut resistance, durability and flexibility.

Suitable for medium duty meat carving and deboning, fish processing and filleting, the glove delivers good grip even when animal fats are present.

An extended cuff provides added protection to the wrist area and the glove can be industrially laundered at up to 92°C/197°F.

Product Name: TTP
Product Code: 407B

Keywords: 407 / FDA Approved / Touchscreen Compatible


  • ANSI level A6 cut resistance
  • Permanent anti-microbial component
  • Ambidextrous


  • Food Processing


6 (XS) - 11 (2XL)


  • 288 each per case
  • 24 each per bundle
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