A1 Cut Level - Tear-Away Safety Glove

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GP2000PU DeTach™ - Tear-Away Safety Glove

Tilsatec’s GP2000PU DeTach™ is an innovative concept in hand protection constructed with 14 Built-in Tear-Away Zones on the fingers.  These zones are designed to help prevent hands being trapped, pulled in when working with moving machinery, and/or when utilizing rotational tools.  If the glove finger were to be trapped within the moving part, the fingers of the glove are designed with and tear away zones to minimize the risk of injury.

The polyurethane palm coating provides good grip, durability and protection, while the open back allows hands to breathe making the GP2000PU DeTach™ an all round versatile glove.

Prefix: GP
Product Code: 2000PU

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Degloving / Tear away gloves / Tear-away gloves / Breakaway gloves / Break-away gloves


  • ANSI 105: 2016 A1 cut resistance
  • De|Tach™ tear-away technology
  • Fine gauge lightweight shell provides high tactility and dexterity
  • 14 built-in tear-away zones on the fingers


  • Assembly
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal fabrication / stamping
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Construction
  • White goods manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Aerospace


5(XXS) – 12(3XL)


  • 12 Pairs per Bundle
  • 144 Pairs per Case
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