A6 Cut level - Cut Resistant split leather gauntlet

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Cut Resistant split leather gauntlet

The 208 glove is our medium weight ANSI A6 shell with a split leather outer in a Fitter style glove featuring a safety cuff with a leather knuckle strap for added protection.

Typical applications include lumber/forestry, construction, masonry and most heavy material handling applications

Prefix: TTP 

Product Code: 208

Keywords: Split leather / leather A6 / cut resistant leather / leather puncture / fitters glove / leather puncture 4 / canvas back leather 


  • ANSI level A6 cut resistance
  • ANSI puncture level 4
  • EN407 heat level 1
  • Leather knuckle strap for added protection


  • Aerospace
  • Assembly
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal fabrication / stamping
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Utilities


7/S - 12/3XL


  • 72 pairs per case
  • 12 pairs per poly bag
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