A4 Cut level - Lightweight cut resistant PU palm coated glove


 013PU -UltraLite PU™

The 013PU -UltraLite PU™ glove represents Tilsatec’s next generation of cut-resistant gloves.  Providing EXTREME CUT RESISTANT ANSI level A4 cut protection.

This new series combines moisture-wicking yarn technology with high levels of cut-resistance and dexterity.

At >2,100 grams of cut protection (3rdParty Certified ASTM F2992-15 test method), this glove pushed the limits of an A4 cut level while maintaining a balance of extreme comfort and protection.

The dark color combination was developed to extend the life cycle by masking dirt & grime.

Keywords: 013 / 013PU / TTP013 / TTP013PU / Ultra Lite/ PU


  • ANSI 105: 2016 A4 cut resistance
  • ANSI 2016 level 3 puncture resistance
  • RhinoYarn® cut resistant technology
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • PU palm coating provides secure dry and oil grip
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable against the skin allowing for long periods of wear


  • Assembly
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal fabrication / stamping
  • White goods manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction


  • 5 (XXS) – 11 (2XL)


  • 12 Pairs Per Bundle
  • 120 Pairs per Case
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