A5 Cut level - RHINOGUARD™ Needle Stick Arm guard

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Rhinoguard™ Needle Stick Arm guard

RHINOGUARD™ is a highly engineered textile composite designed to provide the highest levels of protection against a wide range of puncture hazards. Constructed from an innovative combination of advanced fibers, modified fabric structure and a unique coating technology to deliver extreme levels of protection against both large and small puncture threats (including needles and syringes).

Uniquely for a puncture resistant material, RHINOGUARD™ also protects against cuts, mid temperature, flame, abrasion and liquids. The 9” arm guard provides all the performance of RHINOGUARD™ in a simple yet effective forearm protection design. With robust Velcro fastening strips the sleeve stays firmly in place when in use, can be adjusted for a secure fit.

Prefix: TTP 

Product Code: 459


  • ANSI level A5 cut resistance
  • ANSI puncture level 5
  • ASTM  F2878-10 hypodermic needle test: 5.7 Newtons (ANSI level 2) 


  • Aerospace
  • Assembly
  • Automotive industry
  • Metal fabrication / stamping
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Utilities


  • 9” Length
  • Regular & Jumbo
  • **Arm Specific Sizing


  • 100 per case
  • 10 per bundle
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