A5 Cut level - Rhinoguard™ Mechanics Glove

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Rhinoguard™ Mechanics glove

RHINOGUARD™ is a highly engineered textile composite designed to provide the highest levels of protection against a wide range of puncture hazards. Constructed from an innovative combination of advanced fibres, modified fabric structure and a unique coating technology to deliver high levels of protection against both large and small puncture threats (including needles and syringes).

The RHINOGUARD™ mechanics glove delivers cut, abrasion, puncture and needle resistance in a powerful combination of mechanical protection for extreme working conditions. The areas of the glove with RHINOGUARD™ inside include the palm, fingers, finger crotches and fingertips to ensure the most exposed regions to hazards have full protection coverage.

Prefix: TTP
Product Code: 450


  • ANSI 105: 2016 A5 cut resistance 
  • Rhino Yarn™ cut resistant technology
  • ANSI level 5 puncture resistance
  • ASTM F2878-10 hypodermic needle test: 5.7 Newtons (ANSI level 2)
  • Leather reinforcement for high action areas
  • Rubber pull tab for quick donning and doffing
  • Neoprene expandable wrist for safety and comfort


  • Emergency Services: Police, Fire Fighters, Search and Rescue.
  • Security Services
  • Local authorities, house clearance teams
  • Waste handling
  • Recycling
  • Metal forming and handling


  • 7 (S) – 13 (4X)


  • 36 Pairs per Case
  • 1 Pair per pair poly bag

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