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In response to the urgent need for enhanced hand protection while operating high-torque rotational tools and other rotating machines, Tilsatec developed the groundbreaking DeTach™ glove series. Ingeniously designed with built-in tear-away zones, DeTach significantly reduces the risks of traumatic finger injuries due to machinery pull-in or wrap-in.

With a substantial boost in safety and confidence on the job, DeTach™ gloves offer superior grip, durability, and breathability — ensuring comfort alongside unmatched protection. Whether dealing with fastener spin-loading, spindle guiding, or improper hand placement, DeTach™ gloves stand as a formidable defense, making them a no-brainer for workplace safety and compliance.

General Purpose
14 Tear-Away Zones



5 to 14 tear-away zones are designed to minimize the risk of serious injury by detaching if caught in moving machinery.

Cut Resistant Options offer >1,500 grams of ANSI level A4 cut protection, safeguarding hands from sharp objects.

Choose from polyurethane, microfoam, or leather palm coatings for optimal grip and durability.

30% enhanced abrasion resistance ensures longer glove life and enduring protection.

Grey palm coating aids in identifying soiled gloves, promoting timely replacement. Red color identifies general purpose hazards, and green color identifies cut hazard areas.

Open back construction allows hands to breathe, ensuring comfort and reducing sweat.

Rigorous mechanical and tensiometer testing guarantees consistent tear force across all break points.

Marked as “Tear-Away Safety Glove” to enhance user awareness and ensure proper use.

Available in multiple models for diverse environments, ensuring tailored protection.

Encourages pulling from the cuff, not the fingers, for safe and easy removal.

Ultimate safety, enhanced grip and a snug fit

explore the DeTach difference.



Driving Safety Home

With DeTach™ gloves, keep your hands safe from high-torque tools and moving machinery parts commonly encountered in the automotive industry. Ensure a steady grip and robust protection while handling various automotive components.


Soar High While Staying Safe

In the aerospace industry, precision is paramount. DeTach™ gloves offer unparalleled hand protection against cuts, abrasions, and entanglements in machinery, allowing your team to work confidently on intricate aerospace components.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy-Duty Protection for Heavy-Duty Tasks

For heavy equipment handling, trust DeTach™ gloves to provide the utmost protection. Built to withstand extreme conditions and rough handling, these gloves safeguard against serious hand injuries, ensuring your team's safety amidst hefty machinery.

Assembly and Repair

Assemble Safety Into Every Task

DeTach™ gloves are the ideal companion in assembly and repair, offering excellent dexterity and protection. Navigate through intricate assembly tasks with the assurance that your hands remain shielded from potential hazards.


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Are DeTach™ gloves safer than working bare-handed?

Working with DeTach™ gloves considerably boosts your protection against a wide array of hazards including lacerations, punctures, and heat, which you are exposed to when working bare-handed. Think of DeTach™ gloves as the seatbelt to your vehicle's airbags — an indispensable additional protective measure. Ensuring you are equipped with DeTach™ gloves is a proactive step towards enhancing safety and minimizing risks while handling various tasks and operating machinery. Your hands are vital — keep them shielded with the superior protection that DeTach™ gloves provide.

How should I remove the De-Tach™ gloves to avoid unintentional tearing away of the fingers?

Removing your De-Tach™ gloves properly is essential to ensure they continue to provide optimal protection. Do not pull the gloves off at the fingers. Instead, gently pull them up from the cuff, gliding over the hand and turning them inside out until fully off. To prepare them for the next use, simply turn the gloves back to the right side.

What safety precautions should be observed while using De-Tach™ gloves?

Your safety is our priority, and while De-Tach™ gloves are designed to significantly reduce the risk of hand injuries, it's paramount to remember the following:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Even the most advanced gloves, like De-Tach™, cannot guarantee absolute protection against all types of injuries. Always remain cautious and alert.
  • Adherence to Safety Protocols: Ensure you and your team consistently follow the correct safety procedures and protocols when operating hand tools and machinery to maximize the protective benefits of De-Tach™ gloves.
  • Prior Risk Assessment: Before issuing any personal protective equipment, including De-Tach™ gloves, carry out an in-depth risk assessment for all tasks requiring hand protection. This step is crucial for identifying and addressing potential hazards effectively.

By rigorously observing these guidelines, you bolster the protective efficiency of your De-Tach™ gloves, contributing to a safer working environment for everyone involved.

What industries are De-Tach™ gloves most suitable for?

De-Tach™ gloves are a perfect fit for various industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, and Assembly and Repair. They offer specialized protection for tasks involving high-torque rotational tools and other rotating machines, reducing the chances of traumatic finger injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments.

How do the built-in tear-away zones work?

The De-Tach™ gloves are engineered with 5 or 14 (depending on version) built-in tear-away zones on the fingers. If a glove finger gets trapped within a moving part, these zones are designed to detach and tear away, significantly minimizing the risk of injury by preventing hands from being pulled into machinery.

Are De-Tach™ gloves tested for safety and efficiency?

Yes, every batch of De-Tach™ gloves undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistency and reliability in protection. The gloves are tested using both mechanical quick pull and tensiometer methods to validate the effectiveness of the tear-away zones.

What levels of cut protection do De-Tach™ gloves provide?

De-Tach™ gloves offer superior cut protection with different models providing ANSI Cut Levels of A1 to A4. This protection is crucial in safeguarding hands from sheet metal, sharp objects, and other cut hazards, making the gloves versatile for a wide range of applications and industries.

Can De-Tach™ gloves be used in high-temperature environments?

Absolutely. Specific models like the 444DT-LP DeTach™ are crafted with a split cowhide leather palm which not only provides excellent grip and durability but also delivers good heat protection. This makes it suitable for tasks requiring exposure to high temperatures, offering a blend of thermal protection and tear-away safety.

How does the new palm coating color benefit glove users?

The changed palm coating color (on our most popular model GP2000PU) from black to grey in the next-generation De-Tach™ gloves allows users to easily identify when the gloves are soiled and in need of replacement. This enhancement is part of our continuous effort to increase safety awareness and ensure the gloves are always in optimal condition for use.

How do De-Tach™ gloves contribute to improved compliance and awareness?

De-Tach™ gloves are now marked individually with “Tear-Away Safety Glove”, making it instantly recognizable as a crucial piece of safety equipment. This informative branding encourages end-user compliance and reinforces the importance of using the proper personal protective equipment in the designated work areas and zones.