SCAFFOLDING Safety…It’s in your hands

Scaffolding Gloves / Hand Protection

By Bryan Purcell, Vice President, Tilsatec North America

Scaffolding injuries are often caused to the back and palm of hand due to repeated tasks, handling, pinching, crushing and abrasion.

Tilsatec offers a variety of gloves that are suitable and made for the scaffolding industry. These gloves offer numerous characteristics that are important to scaffold builders and climbers both to be fully protected, such as:

  • EXCELLENT GRIP (to prevent scaffolding components slipping through the hands)
  • BACK OF HAND AND PALM PROTECTION (to protect against cuts, pinching, crushing, impact and abrasion)
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT (to help ensure your employees are wearing hand protection)
  • PADDED PALM (for all day comfort and hand fatigue)
    • At Tilsatec®, we manufacture a broad range of out-of-the-box gloves specifically for the Scaffolding Industry

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